Realigning a Fledgling Brand

Leading design & product at a startup meant touching just about everything from the brand framework, to the product roadmap, to motion graphics, mobile apps, and packaging. It was a fun ride. Here's a sampling of just a few of the pieces that don't fit nicely into a single "project."

A new brand framework

Being neck-and-neck (at the time) with a company that is now the Kleenex™ of action cameras meant heading in direction that was decidedly not “heroic” and also spoke to our team and customers. I led the creation of a new brand structure that changed up how we shot photography, framed our messaging, and even touched the target and cadence of our product releases. This led to connecting more to the love of the sport and artistic creators than guys jumping out of planes in squirrel suits or the Dew generation, being more careful about the events we put our name on, and embracing the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we designed and tested our products.

Aligning the roadmap

The goal was to align our camera, accessory, and (major) software release and map features in each to the specific areaas of Set-up and capture, Manage, Confirm and enhance, and Connect and share. This made for a clearer release cadence and messaging framework for products and still allowing software to be agile with updates and fixes quickly while aligning and mapping to those pillars.

Consistent, data-inspired motion graphics

Miscellaneous web & marketing projects


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