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Integrating App Commerce + Content

Moment needed some strategies to promote browsing editorial content in their Momentist publication from within their camera app with a nudge towards making a frictionless purchase. I worked with them on an analysis of notification strategies, opportunities to create user profiles for serving relevant content, and prototyped purchase calls to action contextually within from Momentist articles.

Mapping the landscape

In order to better guage opportunities to gather customer profile data in order to surface relevant notifications and content we needed to map out the system and identify places where there was more of a benefit for customers to authenticate. Inputs might be the type of photos taken, Moment lenses most often used, or the type of content (travel guides, how-tos, etc.) most consumed in terms of both visits and dwell time. We added new views for customer profiles, purchase history, support and mapped out what type of notifications would deep link to which views within the app.


Notifications are easy. Meaningful notifcations are very, very hard.

Profile types, sample tracking data and notifications.

1-Moment__App_M_Experience Copy

What data can we get access to and how (without being creepy ;-)?

In order to send meaningful, contextually-relevant notifications. We need to know a few things about the user.

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Organically integrated product placement

With a ton of great content on their in-house publication but no clear funnel from content › purchase I made some strategic recommendations for integrating product placement without feeling like ads. Specifically, always captioning photos with what hardware was used with an affordance to view or purchase. Since the Momentist is largely a content marketing vehicle, it also made sense to always include a summary near the end of the article of what products were used with immediate purchase options via Apple Pay (both Moment and third-party products with an opportunity for affiliate relationships).


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