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A New Approach to Crowdsourcing

Spare5’s community members use their skills, spare time, and smartphones to generate high-quality insights for businesses. As a scrappy, early-stage, venture-backed startup, Spare5 had a lofty goal - provide human insights with quality, scale, and value through personalized, skill-based microtasks. 

Starting with a system

Initially Spare5 tasks were all about evaluating, checking, or adding metadata to various types of media (hotels data, videos, images, etc.). The MVP of the app took each task and designed it in isolation. In order to scale to a growing list of task types I created a basic structural and visual system for media display, description, input, and navigation structure to support and scale to various task types. This developing and made rolling out new tasks to Spare5’s community far more quick and efficient.


Try before you task: smarter onboarding

Allowing potential users ("Fives") to try a sample task and see a potential reward prior to authenticating helped onboard new users. Post authentication we walked them through all the necessary permissions, rather than just throwing system dialogs at them, and walked them through their first qualification task and reward.


Shifting elements: making the most of screen real estate

Many metadata tagging tasks required reading original content, viewing an image, and writing or editing content. In order to accomplish this several of the screen elements were created to shift and slide in or out of view to accomodate editing or entering text while viewing original content and/or an associated image. Dozens of motion prototypes were created to test optimal element sizing and movement across devices sizes.


Video: trim, describe, tag, validate

Gathering metadata about video has a ways to go before we can simply rely on machines to recognize the things humans can easily describe. I designed a system for trimming, describing, tagging/categorizing, and validating tags/categories. Each task type is served to users that demonstrate skills in specific, associated areas.


Identity and performance

Rich, always accessible user profiles with charitable giving options are ties to earnings and performance. Feedback is based on speed and quality of task completion and is calculated real-time upon completion of a task or set of tasks. Better quality = more tasks assigned = more earning potential.

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Responsive website

I designed and implemented a responsive website to promote the app as well as key screens targeted towards business and data providers.


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